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About US 

Attmans is a digital global pool of freelance scientists, innovators, researchers (postdocs & PhDs holder and PhD students) has helped businesses to outsource the talent, speed up research work and develop new products. Best thing about the Attmans is industries can initiate R&D projects as per the budget costs. 

It will connect with all R&D Spending stakeholders including Business, Government, Private Sector and Higher Education. It will evaluate outcomes and impacts of investments. 

Attmans will fill the gap between R&D spending stakeholders and academia to create new R&D ecosystem. 

Attmans will connect, collaborate and coordinate the private sector with academia, government projects to academia, increase funding for research from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to connect with academia, connect national labs to universities and create new knowledge eco-systems.  

We are devoting our services to MSME also. 

Mission : 

To make India a knowledge economy

Vision :

To create new R&D eco system. 

Objective :

To create a link between R&D stakeholders and academia. Academia can translate research outcomes from lab to industry. Skill unlock by up skilling millions of our working-age youth nationwide to make them industry ready and future fit. Provide a source of R&D solutions to MSMEs. To accelerate innovation, outsourcing also help industries teams address chronic talent shortages and mounting cost pressure. 

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